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RT Properties is dedicated to transforming lives through real estate, innovation, leadership, and financial literacy. Our mission is to provide exceptional real estate solutions while empowering individuals with the knowledge and opportunities to thrive in the realm of real estate investing and development. By delivering unparalleled quality and opening doors of success, we aim to elevate the lives of our clients and enable them to achieve their real estate goals.

Our vision is to create a world where real estate is accessible to all, enabling individuals to retain ownership through financial literacy and education. We strive to be at the forefront of advocating for a wealthier future for our community, breaking barriers and making true wealth through real estate attainable for those who never imagined it possible.

asked questions

What is the estimated timeframe for closing if we sell through your services?

Typically, the closing can take place within 1-3 weeks after the contract is signed. Nevertheless, we are open to accommodating the sellers' preferred closing date to ensure convenience and account for any necessary moving arrangements they might have.

Will I be responsible for any repairs?

There is no need for repairs on your end. We purchase properties in their current condition, meaning no repairs are required.

Are there any realtor fees involved if we sell through your services?

There is no need to pay any realtor fees when selling with us.

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